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The Faithfulness of God

My name is Adewale and this is my testimony There was a time my wife and I lived in a room in my brother’s 3 bedroom apartment,I couldn’t afford to pay rent because I have just been transffered to Abuja and work was challenging because of internal politics.
I had some friends who were using a rare fragrance they called OUD. I asked a friend in Dubai to bring some for me and I really liked it.
So the idea came to me to start selling perfumes. I did a lot of research on what OUD was and started advertising on social media.
I had learnt certain principles about seed sowing, so the first sale of perfume I made was a seed.
In 3months I had about a million naira on my desk from perfume sales. After that I had an online store on konga and when I made my first online sale I sowed a seed.
My pastor called me and said I should expand the perfume business,travel and meet with manufacturers, I just looked at him and laughed in my mind, before you know it he wrote me a Cheque of a million naira, I almost fainted. I travelled to Dubai and found some perfumes.
When I returned to Nigeria Everything changed,Buisness changed and SAPPHIRE SCENTS was born.
After a while God instructed me to start a distributorship chain and so I did,We now have over 140 distributors across Nigera,UK, US,Ghana,Cameroun.
We have created 7 Fragrances and now selling perfumed candles, car freshners and industrial diffusers.
When you honour God and you remain Faithful to him your life will change for ever.