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Free from Masturbation

My name is Victoria and this is my testimony. It all started when I was in secondary school, I attended an all girls school and my school mother then used to do so many things to my body which pleasured me a lot and I go soo used to her touching my vital organs! Fast forward to a few years later we had to stop after I graduated as we stayed in different cities far apart but i never stopped touching myself! I started to have boyfriends and was desperate to do anything to keep any man in life as I felt empty anytime I wasn’t in a relationship or had a man that would always have sex with me! So when I break up with a guy I must quickly get into another relationship in a few weeks or sometimes in days! I had very low self esteem, In a bid to build my esteem I decided it was best to love myself and stay away from MEN, but I stuck to masturbating, I was soo addicted to it that I would do in the morning, afternoon night and anywhere I feel the urge I just go to the restroom and do it!
I went for sessions with Praise Fowowe, I stopped but after 3months I went back until I asked the holyspirit to help me, I prayed and fasted and trusted God for 21days and kept confessing that I am delivered from masturbation,studied and meditated on the word constantly and indeed it was the most difficult 21days because the urge was always coming but the holyspirit saw me through,Infact one day I tried to open one the sites I watch the videos but it refused to open and immediately my phone crashed( a brand new iPhone 6)
I just knew that was a major warning and maybe the the next warning might be me crashing,lol. To the Glory of God it’s been 1year and 8months that I haven’t masturbated and I don’t have the urge anymore! God delivered me from spirit of Addiction Praise the Lord.