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Amazing God I Serve

My name is Uche and #iTestify

I was born a Catholic and at about the age of 7, my mum joined one of the Pentecostal churches in our state of residence and later to MFM. God did different things through the different ministries in my life for which am grateful. I got born again in August 2005 and in 2008 I joined RCF in UNIBEN, boom! My Christian walk/work began. Being a school fellowship, we changed our student pastors every year. That meant different line of messages or “rhema” if u choose. One of the pastors back then wud hammer “sin” and “hell” so much that the sound of the most “silent fart” cud be traced, lol. Yea, people got scared, some wud carefully avoid the services in which she wud preach, teach or practically threaten us (“sinners”)and assure us that God’s anger wud soon begin to strike us dead right in the church (“His holy place”). But deep down me, I knew there was much more to what Jesus did on the cross than all I had heard from different preachers all my life. So I persevered and told myself that if God wud strike me for my sins, then so be it. At least I wud rather he killed me in my attempt to “please” Him by living “righteously” than give up on Him (since no matter how hard I tried, I still fell and “failed” Him). Not until 2010/2011 when my dear friend and brother Efe Okpako told me that a believer cannot go to hell no matter what he/she does. “Get ye behind me Satan”, I screamed in my head. He tried reorienting my heavily SIN-CONSCIOUS mind to become CHRIST-CONSCIOUS (GRACE CONSCIOUS). But how cud he have made such heretical statement? I started praying for the " lost soul" of my dear brother, Satan cannot come and grab this one again. Fast forward to last year, I started feeling this strong urge within me, with a loud voice in my head, “there has to be more to what Jesus did on the cross " than what I’ve been made to believe all my life. The first preacher I heard preaching what sounded like GOOD NEWS was Pst Andrew Warmack (forgive if I spelt it wrongly but am sure u know him). Prior to that time, I discovered that most times God spoke to me through visions or still small voice(word of knowledge) were when I was “soaked” in sin. In fact there was a day God spoke to me immediately after committing this very " biiiig sin”, I hadn’t even confessed my sins or “made my way right with Him again”. Wait o, “God, is it that U wud rather have me sinning in order to speak to me?”
"NOPE!!! IT MEANS MY LOVE FOR YOU WAS ESTABLISHED BEFORE UR BIRTH, IT IS IRREVOCABLE, MY DEALINGS WITH U IS NOT BASED ON WHAT YOU DID, WHAT YOU ARE DOING OR WHAT YOU WILL DO, BUT IN THE FINISHED WORK OF MY SON, JESUS, LEST YOU SHOULD BOAST IN YOUR WORKS, ". Right there and then I knew there is indeed more. Earlier this year, I started praying to God and seeking to know Him for who He really is, I told Him at least as His son, I shud worship Him for the right reasons, not out of the fear of hell (which by the way never worked all these years). He took me to John 3: 14-18, Romans 5 (emphasis on verses 15-18), and MANY OTHER SCRIPTURES. I studied with an open mind and I started wondering if the words I started seeing in the Bible had been there and if all the preachers I had heard actually paid attention to the scriptures or they read with indoctrination still occupying the entirety of their mind. Brethren, the best part is that I got to understand how deep God’s love for me is, that over time, my desire to know Him more has finally overtaken the desire to sin. Jesus’ love has taken over me and am happy to testify, hallelujah!!!